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    Our fully equipped laboratory offers a confidential, comprehensive and efficient XRD and XRF analysis at a competitive price using fully trained and experienced personnel.

    The company has expanded it’s client base over the past 21 years, providing exclusive analytical services to a substantial number of petroleum service companies and oil companies, and now works in many new sectors.

    Our laboratory is equipped with the most advanced X-ray Diffraction and X-ray Fluorescence analytical techniques which include spray drying facilities for preparation of bulk-rock X-ray Diffraction powders together with innovative interpretation software, including ‘Search-Match’ with PDF-4 (Minerals) ICDD database, ‘Siroquant’ and ‘Autoquan’ for X-ray Diffraction quantitative phase analysis and High Score+ with PDF-4 (Minerals) database for interpretation and Rietveld analysis.

    Analytical Services Provided:

    •  X-ray Diffraction Whole Rock Analysis: A semi-quantitative measurement of the total mineral content of a sample including a full interpretation particularly with respect to silica minerals, feldspar and carbonate compositions, zeolites and heavy minerals.
    •  X-ray Diffraction Clay-fraction quantification: A separation and quantification of the <2-micron clay fraction phases with glycolation and heating to 380°C and 550°C to help identify the components.

    Where feasible this analysis will provide information on:

    • Kaolin polytypes eg kaolinite, dickite and halloysite
    • The Fe:Mg ratio of chlorites to identify chamosite or clinochlore
    • Illite polytypes 1M and 2M to help determine authigenic or detrital origin
    • Swelling clays (smectites) and mixed-layer clays, e.g. illite/smectite, chlorite/smectite, kaolinite/smectite, serpentine/chlorite.
    • Illite/smectite ratios and type of interstratification i.e. random, ordered and long-range, to help determine diagenetic transformation phase of illite/smectite and organic maturity levels.
    • Minor and less common clays eg sepiolite and palygorskite.
    • X-ray Fluorescence: Fused Bead analysis for 12 Major Elements plus LOI and Powder Pellet analysis for Trace Elements.

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