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    Winopal Forschungsbedarf provide a wide range of process measuring instruments for the pharmaceutical & chemical industry. Our testing machines provide you with accurate information about your products.

    To smell, taste, touch, and see – everything is measurable. Whether it is food, beverages, cosmetics or pharmaceutical products: it is the quality that convinces customers and consumers not to choose a competitor’s product. We offer the ideal measurement technology to not only achieve this quality but also ensure it permanently.

    Stable Micro System’s Texture Analyser is a versatile instrument designed for detailed investigation of a product’s physical and textural properties. The electronic nose HERACLES Neo precisely determines chemical compositions of odours in seconds. The electronic tongue ASTREE does the same with components responsible for the taste of liquids. And for comprehensive analysis of a products shape and colour there is the electronic eye IRIS.

    The Texture Analyser is our core product. It is a portable universal testing machine using more than 300 different probes and fixtures according to the required test method. This way it can measure and analyse fundamental, empirical and imitative tests covering those relating to texture analysis, materials properties as well as effects of rheology of solid, semi-solid, viscous liquid, powder and granulate materials across a wide range of industries. It can perform precision testing to a few grams without compromising accuracy, whilst providing the required rigidity to accommodate measurements of considerably higher force (up to 750kg/7.5kN) for heavy duty applications.

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