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    Swift Instruments are experts in in-situ tensile testing. In-situ tensile testing is a valuable technique in materials research, allowing researchers to make micro-structural observations while conducting conventional tensile testing.

    However, it can be difficult to fit a tensile stage inside the confined chamber of a modern SEM, alongside other instrumentation. To solve this problem, Swift Instruments have developed a new range or powerful, flexible and simple tensile stages for today’s electron microscopes.

    In-situ tensile testers from Swift Instruments are compact and powerful, with a dedicated EBSD angle. Our stage designs are highly customisable, and can fit any microscope and application. Swift Instruments also makes tensile testing simple, with systems that are quick and easy to install, simple to operate and efficient to use

    Tensile stages from Swift Instruments can be customised to suit any microscope and application. Our base models offer flat and EBSD angle form factors. Tensile and compression tests can be conducted both in a vacuum and air, and samples and can be optionally heated or chilled. Swift Instruments tensile stages are operated via simple and fast computer-controlled workflow.

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    Unit 7 Foster Business Park Boleness Road, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, PE13 2XQ