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    SalvisLab sets the world standard in design and manufacturing for laboratory equipment.

    Our growing range of units are manufactured with typical Swiss quality and are well known for their accuracy and dependability.

    Founded in 1927, is an established Swiss family enterprise with international orientation in the realm of complete laboratory solutions. As one of the leading European manufacturers and market leaders in Switzerland, Renggli designs and implements state-of-the-art laboratories for research, industry, medicine and education.

    With the renowned SalvisLab trademark, Renggli develops and produces a range of drying- and vacuum ovens, incubators, CO2 incubators, heating cabinets, water baths and laboratory cleaning machines. SalvisLab products are distributed world-wide through our international network of dealers.


    The new Model Predictive controller and a high-resolution colour touch screen once again make SalvisLab a pioneer in trend-setting laboratory technology.

    A SalvisTEQ controller monitors and registers the historical progression of process variables. With the predictive controller which was developed in house, we use equipment-specific process models of dynamic behaviour, which means the controller knows at all times what it has done, where exactly it is, where it wants to go and how it can achieve the outcome in the most efficient way.

    The advantages of the SalvisTEQ controller are very clear in comparison to PID controllers normally used in the sector:

    • shorter heating-up times
    • dynamic control behaviour
    • no dead or waiting times
    • higher precision

    Safety class 3.3

    SalvisLab has upgraded the safety of the controller. All SalvisTEQ controllers are in safety class 3.3 as standard, which means they have lower and upper temperature limit protection.

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