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    PPM Technology Ltd have been manufacturing IAQ and toxic gas detection instrumentation for almost 25 years, specialising in formaldehyde detection: there’s an instrument to fit almost every need, including the Formaldemeter™ and the PPMonitor range.

    Simple and convenient to use, the hand held Formaldemeter™ htV or Formaldemeter™ htV-m instruments can be used for fast and mobile spot sampling of formaldehyde concentrations with very little training.

    All instruments come with a complimentary field calibration kit and introductory filter kit for common interference. Both models also include temperature and humidity sensors and can convert between ppm and mg/m³ readings.

    The Formaldemeter™ htV-m model has added features that allows it to double as a fixed monitoring station and data logger:

    It can be mains powered, has an integrated alarm sounder, a built in real time clock for scheduling and memory capacity for up to 14,000 samples. Recorded samples can be downloaded to a PC via the USB connector and the supplied software. Optional accessories and upgrades include protective sleeves and WiFi connectivity modules.

    For industrial control and monitoring, several variations of the Formaldemeter™ i/fB are available that provide a simple analogue output (voltage or current loop) and can be enhanced by optional control inputs, alarm contacts, display modules or data loggers.

    Alternatively the PPMonitor range of distributed IAQ Profile monitors continuously transmit data from internal IAQ sensors to either the PPMonitor software suite or the Touch Screen Monitor where live charts can be displayed and reports generated. The network can also be supplemented by alarm units with relay outputs and extended by simply adding more monitors or dedicated repeater units. Collected data can be stored in a local database or uploaded to a Cloud platform, the Touch Screen Monitor has built in WiFi connectivity for this.

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    Unit 34-35, Cibyn Industrial Estate, Caernarfon, LL55 2BD