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    Nora systems is a global market leader for rubber floor coverings.

    Quality, outstanding service and continuous innovation are crucial to Nora systems in our work as rubber floor covering manufacturers. As part of the Interface group, reducing our carbon footprint, as individuals and collectively as a company, is an ongoing commitment at Nora. Our company’s sustainable operational practices include recycling programs that encompass paper, bottles, computers and office equipment as well as the use of recycled shipping materials and office furniture.

    Laboratories make significant demands of many surface materials and the choice of flooring in particular can be vital in maintaining a suitable environment for scientific research and clean room or cGMP manufacturing. Specific demands from chemical resistance to electrostatic properties can be rigorously tested and thus complete confidence in performance is key for users.

    Nora® floor coverings have high performance aligned to these environments with cost-effective easy and environmentally agreeable maintenance, high resistance to chemical and disinfectant exposure, excellent anti-static, dissipative and conductive properties, and the benefits of their bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties. Through the specifically targeted manufacturing processes floor coverings are produced without the need for coatings.

    In clean rooms, quality requirements are also particularly stringent. In these areas the structure of the floor plays a particularly decisive role in reducing particle emissions and ensuring simple, efficient cleaning.  Nora floor coverings are approved for use in clean rooms to ISO14644-1 level 3 and GMP level A due to the lack of particle emission from the floor.

    For areas that require special ESD protection, electrostatically conductive or dissipative flooring’s offer suitable solutions.  Nora offer a standard 10 year warranty on the performance of our ESD and Conductive flooring.

    Where decontamination is required Nora Rubber meets the requirements of DIN 25415 making it suitable in a wide variety of Laboratory, Clean room and cGMP environments.

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