Le Chem Organics SA

    Le Chem Organics SA


    Detailed Information

    Le Chem Organics supply an extensive range of Fine Chemicals, pharmaceutical precursors and Active Ingredients to chemical and pharmaceutical industries around the world.

    Company Profile

    Le Chem Organics expertise enables users to source raw materials from various origins with the service and the seriousness which are required for this responsibility.

    As a result, today Le Chem Organics SA supplies hundreds of chemicals to many different customers across 20 different countries.

    Incorporated under Swiss laws since 1972, Le Chem Organics SA is being operated as an independent company involved in servicing the speciality chemical industry.


    We provide a vast range of products including fine chemicals, pharmaceutical precursors, and active ingredients. 

    The fine chemicals we supply are mainly raw materials used by the chemical and pharmaceutical industries for the synthesis of various productions. These include the following product groups:

    • Amino Acids
    • Alkyl Acids, Acid chlorides, aldehydes and alcohols
    • Alkyl and Aryl Amines
    • Acetophenones / Benzophenones
    • Aromatic acids, Acids chlorides and esters
    • Aromatic alcohols / phenols and aldehydes
    • Brominated / Halogenated Aromatics
    • Chiral Chemicals
    • Chloromethylated derivatives
    • Halogenating Agents
    • Heterocycles
    • Nitrated aromatics
    • Nitriles Aromatics
    • Optical resolving agents
    • Phosphorous derivatives

    To view our full range of products, please visit our website today: lechem.com

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