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    Since 1973, Hamilton Laboratory Glass has offered expert services in the manufacture of water stills and glassware for laboratory use.

    Based in Margate, Kent, we have clients across the globe who trust to use our services time and time again, exporting to Malaysia, Vietnam, Egypt, UAE, Sweden, Pakistan  among others. We are long term suppliers to HM Government, NHS, Education authorities and all major selling houses.

    All Hamilton products are manufactured to British or international standards where applicable.

    From simple glass tubing to complex screw top threads and condensers, our skilled team members are able to create the kind of apparatus you are looking for.

    Specialist machinery and manufacturing techniques mean that Hamilton Laboratory Glassware is produced and sold on a highly competitive basis. We are able to undertake research and development projects.

    Our highly trained workers create intricate glasswork to the highest specification. As well as creating standard flasks, stills and general lab equipment, we also produce bespoke glasswork to meet clients’ requirements.

    We manufacture a wide range of jointed laboratory glassware, cones, sockets and Screwthread with various shank diameters and lengths for further manipulation by the glass blowers.

    The Hamilton range of water stills provides all the answers to pure water requirements. High quality glassware, advanced design together with minimum maintenance combine to provide a product that will give reliable service for years.

    All stills are protected by safety features giving failsafe operation without supervision.

    Alternative low cost metal heaters or high purity silica sheathed elements are available.

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    Unit A1, Continental Approach, Westwood Industrial Estate, Margate, Kent, CT9 4JG

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