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    GERBU Biotechnik offer a wide range of biochemicals and reagents providing high quality, low prices and excellent customer service

    GERBU Biotechnik support your research and serve you quick and efficiently. Benefit from our 30 years of expertise in raw material sourcing and logistics. At GERBU you will find over 3000 biochemicals and kits you need for research, lab and production. Detailed certificates of analysis is always provided with every GERBU product.

    Simply ask for bulk quantities, individual packing, start-up discount or if you’re missing a product. We are proud to supply our products worldwide.

    GERBU Adjuvants

    A powerful potentiator of cellular and humoral immune response with long-term protecting effect.

    Perfectly biocompatible, very stable and easy to use. Just mix with antigen and inject.
    Our Adjuvants are widely used in research and industry for monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production.

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    Rischerstr. 12, 69123 Heidelberg, Germany