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    C. Gerhardt UK Ltd is the exclusive UK and Ireland agent for the FRITSCH sample preparation and particle size analysis instrumentation and UK agent for DataPhysics contact angle and surface tension measurement systems.

    Fritsch are a traditional family run German company, who have been operating since 1920. Fritsch supply innovative laboratory sample preparation and particle size analysis instruments, which are designed and manufactured in Germany to the strictest quality assurance criteria.

    Good sample preparation is the key to many different types of work and analyses including research and development, quality assurance / quality control, ICP, XRF etc. Fritsch manufacture a wide range of sample preparation instruments, including:

    • Planetary ball mills
    • Ball mills
    • Variable speed cutting mills
    • Variable speed rotor mils
    • Disk mills
    • Jaw crushers

    Fritsch also manufacture sample feeding and dividing instruments. Vibratory feeders can be used to deliver a controlled and uniform flow of sample material to sample dividers, mills, sieve shakers and other laboratory instruments.

    • Vibratory feeders
    • Rotary cone sample dividers

    Representative sample collection and division is essential before any type of analysis is performed, particularly when analysing bulk materials or testing very small amounts of sample materials. With accurate representative sample division and collection, sub-samples can be collected with identical properties, prior to analysis.

    • Sieve shakers

    Sieve analysis is an analytical technique, which is typically used to determine the particle size distribution of a granular material with a particle size distribution range of 45µm to 63mm. A stack of sieves with different mesh sizes is used, with the finest / smallest sized sieve at the bottom and the sieves are stacked on top of each other with increasing mesh size.

    • Laser particle size analyser

    Laser particle size analysis is a very accurate, fast and reproducible method of determining the particle distribution within a sample material. The key to accurate and reproducible laser particle size analysis measurements is the dispersion of the sample material, prior to measurement. For most applications, wet dispersion is used and a modular, fully programmable wet dispersion unit is available with the Fritsch A22 laser particle size analyser.

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