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    CVMS Climatic are a major manufacturer of environmental test and simulation equipment and produce a wide range of climatic and other environmental equipment

    An ability to simulate the conditions that manufactured products will experience during transportation, storage and operation is extremely useful to manufacturers because by verifying robustness and reliability, they can be confident in the quality of new products brought to market and reduce the likelihood of field failures.

    We can simulate most environmental effects including temperature, humidity, altitude, rainfall, dust, pollution, corrosion, vibration and solar radiation.

    Our test chambers provide conditions in a controlled space that can be measured and repeated for effective test and validation requirements. We supply test chambers from benchtop to large walk-in facilities and we also have a range of equipment that can be supplied on hire or can be used for short or long-term testing at our own facilities.

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    10 Leighton Industrial Park, Billington Road, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 4AJ