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    CN Tech specialises in all areas of materials testing for research and industry. We provide sales and support across a diverse product range, which includes instrumentation for surface analysis, materials testing, and microscopy.

    We also provide environmental isolation solutions and a range of laboratory supplies. Founded in 2009, our focused and experienced team is dedicated to finding the right solution for you.

    Surface Analysis

    We offer a comprehensive range of surface analysis instrumentation, for both imaging and metrology. Our microscopy solutions include Scanning Electron Microscopes from COXEM and Atomic Force Microscopes from Park Systems. For surface metrology, we provide a range of Stylus and Optical Profilers from KLA-Tencor.

    Materials Testing

    Materials research at the nanoscale is possible with our materials testing solutions. We provide a variety of nanoindentation systems from KLA-Tencor, suitable for many different materials. Our miniaturised KLA-Tencor nanoindentation and Swift Instruments tensile testing systems can be used in situ with microscopy equipment.

    Environmental Isolation

    To achieve maximum performance from sensitive instruments, we offer a comprehensive range of environmental isolation products. We can protect equipment from vibration, and acoustic and electromagnetic interface. Our range includes vibration isolators from Minus K, acoustic enclosures from Herzan, and more.

    Lab Supplies

    Effective sample preparation is key to accomplishing great results, so CN Tech offers a diverse choice in laboratory supplies and equipment as a distributor for Electron Microscopy Sciences (EMS). From collection to embedding, mounting to storage, and more, CN Tech is the source for tools and consumables from the highest quality manufacturers.

    Packaging Testing

    The reliability of packaging can be ensured by our specialised Packaging Testing solutions from Labthink, featuring advanced testing technology. Our testing solutions are capable of many testing applications, including seal strength, tensile strength, tearing resistance, and gas and water permeability.

    Service & Repair

    Instrumentation is in safe hands with the servicing CN Tech provides. Whether services and preventative maintenance, repairs, upgrades, or relocations, we can offer a solution. Our experienced engineers can support Atomic Force Microscopes, Stylus Profilers and more.

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