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    Chemtrix BV is a technology company located in Echt, The Netherlands, that offers a portfolio of flow reactors in glass, metal & ceramics

    By combining expertise in the areas of engineering & chemistry, we deliver our customer’s increased process efficiency & higher profits via safe & reliable scale-up from laboratory R&D to full-scale production.

    Flow chemistry solutions

    Since launching in 2008, our flow chemistry solutions have been implemented in chemical companies & academic institutions worldwide, with applications across the pharmaceutical, fine chemical & speciality chemical sectors.

    Besides turn-key hardware, Chemtrix also provides flow chemistry services in the form of feasibility assessments & proof of concept trials for customers starting out or requiring a long-term outsourcing partner.

    Our local sales partners also ensure high quality pre-sales support & after sales service
    Want to learn more about Chemtrix & our products? Please visit our website or contact us.

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